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Fun facts About the founder
(how he changed the planet and saved Americans 'trillions' of dollars)

As you may have heard, since the pandemic up to as many as 70% of the folks still working work from home.
What you probably haven’t heard is the story of how working from home became legal. Chances are that
unless you were trying to work from home prior to the mid-1990’s, you probably never even knew it was ever
illegal to work from home. Here’s the story of how one of America’s (and the world’s) norms came to be.
Prior to the early to mid 1990’s it was literally illegal to work from home in most of America with a very few exceptions:

How it bgan:


If you worked on a farm or ranch, if you worked for a church or in some rare instances if you had a
store or business on the 1st floor, you could live above it, or if you lived on a military base.
In 1989 I lost my business/building in Hollywood and became homeless living in my car until I figured out how
to lease a home with credit cards. Within a year I was busted by the City of LA for working from home, so I
moved. Then within a year, I got busted again, this time I started a “Neighborhood Watch” program in an
effort to go from being the person complained about to being the person being complained to. But then was
busted again. There was this guy from LA “Building and Safety” that would come by to write me citations for
being in violation of LA Zoning laws. I remember telling him it was crazy that I couldn’t work from my home
and him telling me “This is the way it is, this is the way it has always been, this is the way it will always be and
there is nothing you can do about it”.


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