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Q) How long does it take to set the Truss up?


A) One person should be able to set most of it up by themselves, however, you will need assistance when it’s time to raise your trust into the air.


Q) Is it remote controlled?


A) Yes, it can run with a remote controller.


Q) Do you have to use software to operate this 360 top spinner Photobooth.


A) No… However, it works better when you are dealing with high-end clients or if you’re not too good at editing footage yourself.


Q) What are some software programs you recommend


A) it depends if you are using your cell phone and it’s iOS, Touchpix is our recommendation. if you’re using android Fun Events is our recommendation, if you want to move into shooting with a GoPro, Media Share and Zantac are our recommendations - a great bunch of guys Rick, Keith, and Richard are all about making sure you get the best experience.

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