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Navid Peykar - Multi Talemted

Raised in Los Angeles Ca, Navid always thought outside the box and used his strength in his ability to problem solve to contribute to various industries.  He first discovered his talent when experimenting with 1/2" VHS camera. In 1995 at age 15: he got his first paying job at a TV Production and hands-on experience with live production doing sports and news coverage. at age 17 he got training with the very first Photoshop system. His talents include IT tech, production, repair phones tablets, and laptops, camera, video and photo editing, fabrication (on metal), Sewing, and multi-lingual.  He contributes to this team with creative ideas, fabrication, and video editing.  He likes to think that like minds get along and hence makes a good teammate with others and founder Eddie Barber.

Eddie Barber, Owner of Spin Cam pro

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