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The World Famous DJ Hazze

DJ Hazze is an outstanding rapper, break dancer and turntable wizard. At the age of 15, Hazze became one of the first radio mix show jocks in the US at LA’s legendary pioneer rap radio station KDAY.

Hazze became the front man and leader for The Movement and recorded “Jump Everybody” (Sunshine Label), which went to No.1 on the billboard club chart. Hazze then released a solo single “Money”; this made history on LA’s Power 106 rap attack show with Big Boy where it won two weeks straight with 99% of the votes.

Hazze released other singles, such as “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now” and he started his own record label, Soulphood Recordingz, releasing the single “lb”. Other recording labels include Motown, Arista, Tommy Boy & Polydor.

Hazze is known for the creation of several dances, his recognizable rapping style and the inventor of many signature scratches. Hazze is a member of the internationally renowned “Air Force Crew”. His famous “Are You Ready?” has been played at every LA Lakers game.

He then started The Hazze Hip Hop Culture Dream Center. A center for all youth to come explore and learn how to fulfill their own dreams while staying off the streets and out of trouble.

The Hazze Hip Hop Culture Dream Center is based out of the Los Angeles Area and is now a recognized and respected non-profit organization that has been the focus of many news articles for its original and extremely successful approach to helping youth.

In early 2002, Hazze left the United States and headed for Europe to join the cast and tour the world with the renowned show Bounce. A show referred to as The Street Dance Sensation. Bounce was an instant smash hit with the audience as well as with the critics. Hazze was referred to many times as the leader of the show taking the audience on a journey.

Hazze has had many amazing opportunities in his career such as performing for the Queen of England at the 50th Anniversary Queen Jubilee. He has toured around the world not just as a rapper but as a dancer and a DJ as well

Eddie Barber, Owner of Spin Cam pro

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