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With more than 55 years of experience as a cameraman, Eddie Barber is one of the smartest minds in film and videography of his generation. He has won numerous awards, such as two Emmy Awards for his invention of the Camera Boom and his vision as a cameraman. He also won an Oscar for his contribution to the film industry with the 24p, a product that revolutionized and changed the film industry. Eddie is constantly creating products to help filmmakers get better shots and to have the most reliable products on the market. 

Eddie has several products that have revolutionized the way videographers capture content. The SteadiPod in which outperformed any stabilizer. The Steadipod is a  monopod, gimbal, and tripod all in one. It won the award for best invention at the National Association of Broadcasters Show. His new product, SpinCam, takes amazing 360 shots and is perfect for big events or parties. 

Eddie Barber: genius, inventor, and friend. 
He has worked with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Kool & The Gang, and more during his career.

Eddie Barber, Owner of Spin Cam pro

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